As commissioned by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology, MEXT consortium for promotion of IB education in Japan was established in May 2018 with the aim of disseminating International Baccalaureate (IB) programs in Japan.

One of the reasons for the increasing interest in the IB in Japan is that in the midst of the social context where the development of global talent has become more important than ever for Japanese companies and for the enhancement of the national strength of Japan, the Japanese business community took notice of the IB as one of the effective means to that end. In June 2013, the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) made a strong recommendation in its report entitled "Fostering people who can excel in the global arena" that the IB Diploma Program (DP) should be promoted as one of the effective means of developing global talent.

The IB Consortium provides information that helps companies deepen their understanding of the IB. The Consortium also plans to research how IB Diploma graduates contribute to the business community in Japan by leveraging what they have learned through the IB Diploma Program.

Forstering people who can excel in the global arena, Japan Business Federation
Expectations of the business community for the IB Programs, March 23, 2017

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