At AirCampus, participants can discuss IB-related topics with others and share information with them. Specifics will be discussed in the discussion forums.


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Examples of Discussion Forums

  • Forum by category (provisional)
    (Example: PYP/MYP/DP curriculums, cross-subject themes, teaching, a forum for coordinators/managers, etc.)
  • Forum for the overall IB education (provisional)
    (Example: Overall IB trends, sharing of information transmitted by the IB)
  • Forum by theme (provisional)
    (Example: A forum to share curriculum cases of schools specified in Article 1 of the School Education Act, a forum on student career support, a forum on collaboration with communities and companies, a forum on CAS (Creativity, Action, Service) cases, etc.)

Facilitator System

In an effort to maintain high response quality for the enlivenment of forums and the dissemination of IB education, we seek advice and comments concerning the content of discussions from IB experts.

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